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  1. Resolution- 3® Anti Itch System

    Resolution- 3® Anti Itch System


    Resolution- 3® is a combination of products acting both from the outside-in (shampoo) and from the inside-out (food supplements: Omega 3 DHA and Liver Support) to resolve and soothe the symptoms of allergic dermatitis such as itching and scratching. The three-step process gently cleanses the skin, decreases inflammation, supports liver function and detoxifies your pet. ArcaNatura uses all natural, less toxic ingredients to make you, your pet and the environment happy. Learn More
  2. Natural Tick Removal Kit

    Natural Tick Removal Kit


    Embedded ticks can cause skin irritation and spread disease like Lyme disease and canine ehrlichiosis. ArcaNatura's Tick Removal Kit is a simple 2-part kit that allows for safe removal of the tick after it has been killed by using clinically tested essential oils. The kit is completely pet friendly and allows for worry-free disposal of the no longer dangerous tick. Learn More
  3. Omega-3 DHA Supplement

    Omega-3 DHA Supplement

    A daily Omega-3 DHA supplement derived from algae (not fish oil) is essential for brain function, healthy immune system, wound healing, shiny coat, and battling weight gain. For allergy-prone pets, our Omega-3 soothes and targets the root causes of inflammation and itching in your dog or cat. Key for the development of puppies and kittens, as well as brain function in senior dogs and cats. Learn More
  4. Skunk’d-911



    Sunk’d-911 is an emergency kit that helps use proven science to eliminate the odor of skunk spray by oxidizing the chemicals responsible for the strong odor. Learn More
  5. Scratches Less

    Scratches Less


    Natural antibacterial cream proven to heal equine scratches (mud fever). The first of it’s kind clinically proven to work, Scratches Less features unique ingredients from around the world including Kunzea oil and willow bark, harnessing their naturally antibacterial, soothing properties. Learn More
  6. Resolution-3 Natural Pet Shampoo

    Resolution-3 Natural Pet Shampoo


    Frequent bathing is the most important part of treatment for your itchy pet. ArcaNatura’s Resolution-3 shampoo contains a blend of natural cleansing and moisturizing agents including honey and vegetable glycerin to clean your pet gently, resulting in less allergies and itching. Marigold, nettle and hyptis capitata extracts in the shampoo act to reduce inflammation and allergies. Learn More
  7. Liver Support Detox Supplement

    Liver Support Detox Supplement


    In allergic pets, the liver is working overtime to handle all of the histamine and other toxic materials created by the allergic response. ArcaNatura’s Resolution-3 Liver Detox Supplement is a simple spray with natural extracts that is added to your pet’s meals daily as a detoxifying supplement. Learn More